Feeling Overwhelmed with Physical Clutter; Start Journaling today!

By Zethu Zwane 25 January 2021

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Taking the time to jot down why men are horrible made me realize “wait a minute, but I haven’t been playing mind games with anyone like who text who first,” helping me to get back on a constructive journey.

I don’t judge most people because that’s their personal journey, but I will lovingly tell them they’re on a destructive path before allowing them to make their decision because the only person to change is you, the women who begins to understand the emotional cost of believing dating is a game where one looses and one wins.

And that the trophy is being worshiped; it’s not because again like I always say we were never meant to make ourselves demi-gods and have the other human fix our sadness for us.

In the same way weight gain is your body signaling it’s out of it’s natural state because maybe you’ve gotten a new job and now that has taken all your attention and sacrificed your health, physical clutter can be signs of many mental health issues. You see as always I say your health encompasses body, mind and spirit, so the clutter you build up in your home, beliefs, health or emotions is simply an imbalance occurring in your life.

One of my favorite resources on my Pinterest page is my selfcare board because it doesn’t demonize the mess; it simply reminds you that “Oh hey there beautiful; you allowed a couple of tough days become clutter in your life,” before giving you top 10 tips to reversing that mental health habit hitting your body, mind and spirit out of sync.

But let’s say you’re here because you’re overwhelmed by the different types of clutter in your life. Or now you’re even overwhelmed and you’re looking for ways to overcome physical and mental clutter. Well firstly I wrote post about how to overcome physical and mental clutter, but this posts focuses on the two major issues that is anxiety and stress and how to overcome them.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline

2 Timothy 1:7

Where Does Emotional Clutter begin

It partially has to do with perceived and actual stress. The website Health Assured says; “ Perceived stress is different. It’s more about your feelings about the lack of control and unpredictability than the actual stressors,” and who else has been feeling this one recently. Sometimes we don’t even know that we are actually feeling this way because as you will always see me say; some clutter is belief! So you may be experiencing plenty of emotional clutter without realizing it’s because you’ve normalized putting pressure on yourself.

And honestly part of the reason I’m also here is because my body physically broke down due to the amount of pressure I put on myself. Coming from a national swimming background, I was used to ignoring my body needs fir the needs of the goal. This belief was partially accepted in the athlete world, meaning my small world normalized sacrificing emotional health fr the pursuit of the medal.

This is healthy when done in constructive ways securing your emotional health; however, when your emotions are ignored in pursuit of career endeavors or relationships, your body will cry out in the form of medical issues. This is the same for the dad who has a stroke, mom who develops diabetes or the sister who develops high blood pressure. You mentally, spiritually and emotionally pushed your body out of balance.

This is actually a thing; the expectations of wanting your dream home morphs into perceived stress when you calculate how much your day job is putting in your bank; some of you might feel reaching the moon is far easier making your dream home’s perceived stress real. It can also be a result of repressed emotions spilling over into your life communicated by a messy room, messy cars, disorganized clothes or even a messy desk.

Journaling these feelings is one of the most effective ways to relieve brain fog. If you can’t put pen to paper consider brain dumping where you just throw a bunch of words that come to mind on paper. The focus here is your emotions. Just write what comes to mind.

And can I just point out here that never underestimate a person’s ability to keep her life together. There are some perfectionist like myself were labelled strong as little child as a result were shamed whenever we showed fear and anxiety. This resulted in many of us creating coping mechanisms or constructive anxiety attacks that prevents the public from seeing those tears. This is not good because because as the Harvard Medical school suggests brain fog is a result of excessive anxiety or depression.

I definitely know this was me; and I fed into that persona of the strongest women in my community to protect myself from pain, yet this resulted in far greater because when you cannot sit down and unpack your anxiety it triggers long psychological changes in your body like struggling to sleep at night. I’ve written about Hanger before and how this is a silent mental health killer we need to address because long term feelings of depression and panic attacks leads to permanent physiological damages in some parts of your body.

And truth is we all communicate our repressed emotions in several ways whether it be in toxic beliefs in dating or muddied beliefs like emotional and societal beliefs . Physical clutter is just one spectrum of unaddressed emotions that I want us to explore today. Reason being allowing the mess to pile up or saying this is an organized mess is just another way of not dealing with the overwhelming mess sinking your clarity.

“This is a sweet cocktail of emotional clutter and physical because in failing to control my world and return to Eswatini, I decided “Nope! Like I can’t ,”I decided to micromanage the one thing I could have a say over.”

And clarity is such a crucial thing because it helps you analyze small and big decisions in your health goals. I love to look at health from a wellness perspective or holistic perspective because it allows you to explore just how much your body, mind spirit and your environment influence your health’s sustainability.

This includes relationship expectations, which if you read about me being licked across the face kinda hints to you a different but valuable life lesson, but expectations can be a seriously disappointing thing with magnifying stress! So I thought it would be great to go over why writing in a journal is one of the key ways to successfully take back control and hopefully help you let go of the clutter one mess at a time.

Is Physical clutter Always Easy to Spot

Nope! And we all wish it was because I don’t know about you, but I find myself attached to one type of organized mess. I’m also a culprit here. After I returned home to Eswatini from Norman Oklahoma, I became overwhelmed by reverse culture shock.

After I couldn’t handle it anymore, I packed all my clothes back in my suitcase and refused to unpack them. Then that decision became controlling where I would literally get annoyed whenever someone even re-positioned the bags in my room. I still do at times and it’s 2021.

I locked my bags with TSA approved locks and if asked why I didn’t unpack, I always replied why would I. This is a sweet cocktail of emotional clutter and physical because in failing to control my world and return to Eswatini, I decided “Nope! Like I can’t ,” and chose to micromanage the one thing I could have a say over.

So I get in a “I research this and been there kinda way;” physical clutter is a sign of having given up on something. And it’s also a familiar and more common place to be for several people. Don’t ever look at someone who has it all together like the career girl who seems to win all awards.

Her clutter may just be having given up on relationships because she can’t stand the pain of explaining herself whereas collecting career awards is less complicated! Whenever someone gives up on life there are a number of ways it can be communicated and a messy room or house is one clear sign.

Those moments can be hard especially if you feel like even after landing a job, you just don’t feel like your life is fulfilled. Clutter can exist during those times because you end up uninspired by life. You’re more like to be uninspired by friends and even health.

Psss by the way sign up to my self-love infused health course! It’s got free edible journal prompts you can do in a Kombi, Uber or Lyft to help you empower the day!

Originally published at http://blkcoutureblog.wordpress.com on January 25, 2021.



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